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  • Pratapgarh Farms takes great pride in its privilege to host the esteemed G20 Delegates.

135+ Activities

Unlimited Food


Music and Cultural Activities

  • DJ Music
  • Been and Dholki Dance
  • Puppet Show


  • Camel ride
  • Camel cart ride
  • Bullock cart ride
  • Tractor ride
  • Boating

Ethnic Games

  • Gilli Danda
  • Pithoo
  • Lattoo
  • Kanche goli
  • Archery
  • Gulel (sling shot)
  • Dart shooting
  • Air gun shooting
  • Kushti
  • Kabbadi
  • Kite flying
  • Tug of war

Bouncy And Carnival Zone

  • Bull Ride
  • Melt Down
  • Hungry Hippos
  • Bungee Run
  • Bungee Basket
  • Human Foosball,
  • Zorb Roller,
  • Body Zorb
  • Target Foosball
  • Dragon Ship
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Frog Ride.
  • Magic Show

Outdoor Sports

  • Golf
  • Zorb Roller
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Trampoline
  • Basketball
  • Spoon race
  • Lemon race
  • Musical Chairs
  • Tambola

Relaxation Activities

  • Mehndi (henna application)
  • Mud packs
  • Mud bath
  • Head massage
  • Tube Well Bath
  • Rain Dance

Rural Activities

  • Charkha Weaving
  • Handloom Weaving
  • Peedha Weaving
  • Pagdhi Tying
  • Chakki (Grinding Grains)
  • Pounding grain
  • Making ghee and butter millk
  • Panihari Chaal (balancing water pails)
  • Pottery
  • Mud walls and painting frescoes on mud walls
  • Matka painting

Agriculture Activities

  • Ploughing
  • Sowing
  • Reaping
  • Winnowing
  • Dairy farm
  • Tending goats
  • Cows
  • Buffaloes
  • Poultry farm
  • Biogas plant
  • Vermi-composting plant
  • Herb Garden
  • Nakshatra Vatika
  • Navgriha Vatika
  • Triphla Kunj
  • Panchvati
  • Bodh Vatika

Adventure Activities

  • Zipline
  • Tyre Tunnel
  • Tyre Hopping
  • Balancing Bean
  • Commando Net
  • Commando Net Traverse Wall
  • Tyre Traverse Wall
  • Double Rope Bridge
  • Swinging Burma Bridge
  • Happy Hopper
  • Double Block Swing
  • Hanging Tyre Traverse
  • Inverted A Rope Bridge
  • Tyre Balance Bridge
  • Healing H
  • Zig Zag Walk
  • Cat Walk
  • Swinging Timber Log
  • V Bridge
  • Swinging Balance Bean
  • Elephant Walk
  • Tyre Swing Walk
  • Swinging Plank
  • Swinging Squares

Indoor Games Arena

  • Pool Table
  • Air Hockey
  • Foosball
  • Table Tennis
  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Ludo
  • Snakes and Ladders (Saanp Seedi)


Sara Din
(available throughout the day)

Neembu Shikanjee, Chacch, Tea and Pakoras, Kadhai doodh, Jalebi, Makee Bajre ki roti with desi Ghee, Gur and Lahsoon ki Chatni. Bajre Ki Khichri with Ghee Bura, Gul Gule, Chila, Ganne(sugarcane) and Mullee (radish) straight from the field.
Chatpate Din: Pani Puri, Dahi Puri Chaat Papdi, Dahi Bhalle, Bhel Puri Meethe Meethe Pal: Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla

Mazedar Nashta
Breakfast (09.30-12.00 pm)

A choice of Stuffed Paranthas with white farm fresh Makhan, Poori Chole/Chole Bhature, Aloo/Pethe ki Sabji Dahi, Achaar, Chatni.

Dopahar Ka Shahi Khanna
Lunch (1.30 – 3.30 pm)

Noodles, Missi/Tawa Roti/ Tandoori Roti, Vegetable Poolao / Jeera Rice, Rajma, Sarson Ka Saag or Seasonal Vegetable, Paneer Shahi, Kadhi, Dahi or Raita, Makhan, Suji ka Halwa / Gajar Ka Halwa (Any One), Papad, Chatni, Achar, Jaggery, and Green Salad.

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Join us for an incredible day picnic with your family. A day full of unlimited fun, food and entertainment.


Pratapgarhfarms bring to your students, teachers and the entire school community, a safe and secure place full of fun.


Make your Corporate -Picnics, Get togethers, Offsite Trainings and Team building.

In an all inclusive package

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per person above 10 years

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Per Child


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per child between 5 – 10 years

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  • Accompanied Children below 5 years of age (maximum 2 children with a couple) will be complimentary.
  • Including unlimited food throughout the day, all activities and all taxes

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