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Four nutritious delicacies at Pratapgarh Farms

In a world of packaged food that is industrially processed and contains preservatives, it is refreshing to eat whole, fresh food that is both nutritious and delicious. Half of the world’s health problems today come from consuming heavily processed food products that contain very little percentage of the claimed nutrients. Eating wholesome food saves you all those trips to the doctor. Pratapgarh Farms shares a variety of healthy food options for people with good taste buds and a desire to live healthy. Here are some examples of such available food at the farm that are great for the summer! You can either have them while visiting for a day or even prepare them at home.

Sugarcane (from the field)

We grow sugarcane in the fields of Pratapgarh Farms. During farm season, it is served to all the visitors for its unique taste and healing properties. Widely used in Ayurvedic therapy, sugarcane is a sweet cash crop that is known for its benefits as a laxative and aphrodisiac. The nutrients in the crop are good for lungs and liver, and many farmers tend to use it while working in the fields. Those with skin troubles and difficulty with kidney stones also use sugarcane juice for treatment. It’s great for recharging batteries since sugarcane is highly rich in carbohydrates and iron. Those with fever can use it as a protein supply as well. Also, don’t forget to try mixing it with lime juice, ginger juice, and coconut water for a refreshing drink in the summer!

Buttermilk (Pure Chaach)

Who wouldn’t want to stay young and keep away from diseases? Buttermilk is wonderful for both of these benefits! As a leftover liquid from churning butter out of cream, buttermilk is India’s gift to the world to maintain good health and prevent illnesses. This summer drink proves to be great for digestion and efficient at removing fatigue. Also, if you end up with swelling, gastrointestinal problems or a feeling of not wanting to eat, try buttermilk and it will take care of all those problems! It is most popular in the states of Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, and is often mixed with cumin, salt, sugar, asafoetida, or curry leaves for rich taste.

Sarsoon ka Saag (Home Grown)

Sarson ka saag is prepared from mustard green leaves that are commonly grown in the states of Punjab and Haryana. Healthy and savoury, this dish is known for its high nutrient content in Vitamin A, C, and K and in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron. Doctors often recommend diabetic, heart, and cancer patients to include this particular dish in their daily diet. In sarson ka saag, one finds a mix of three different greens – mustard, bathua (pigweed), and spinach. And it tastes absolutely delicious with makke ki roti!

Paneer (Home Made)

Traditionally, we know that Paneer is made from cow and buffalo milk and that it’s rich in fat content. But did you know that there is a way to make Paneer that is high in nutritional value and low in fat content? At the farm, we ensure that the dairy diet contains the freshest milk from the cows and buffaloes at the farm and has fat soluble vitamins A and D along with Protein that’s good for the body. Paneer also has whey proteins that are rich in amino acids and provide the best nutrition for expectant mothers, infants, and growing children. For those who suffer from diabetes or heart diseases, paneer is a valuable source of nutrition.

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