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A farm tourism destination for a unique, different and memorable day outing experience.

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Life in metropolitan city like Delhi tends to be quite boring & also monotonous

Life in a metropolitan city like Delhi tends to be quite boring & also monotonous. There seem to be so much of stress due to work, traffic jams, long-distance commutes with very few choices to spend enjoyable weekends. All you can do is to either go to the shopping mall or go to a movie with your family during your holidays. But now it is the most appropriate time to simply wake up and try out something that is completely different.

Pratapgarh farms is best choice for family picnic near Delhi

When you are searching for a place for a family picnic near Delhi, Pratapgarh farms is the best choice. It is the most amazing place to pep up your mood and spend a great time outdoors with your loved ones. Although a city like Delhi doesn’t have a shortage of picnic spots near its vicinity, but village farm located in Jhajjar Haryana is simply outstanding. The ethnic village farm is quite a popular spot for family picnic near Delhi. It is situated just around 50 kms from NCR. The farm can be reached through road. Since the farm is being developed for the purpose of making is a picnic spot, there is no arrangement for public transport. Thus you have to arrange your own vehicle for the purpose of visiting this particular place. It is serving as a welcoming treat away from the madness of city life.

The lush green farm is being spread over area of approximately 25 acres

The lush green farm is being spread over an area of approximately 25 acres, and this is serving as the depiction of rural and ethnic life at its best. This is simply a stunning and enthralling venue to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. When it comes to entertainment, there is so much to offer and thus you can have the best and most memorable time in the natural serene environment of the rural farm. With its natural reservoir, the farm serves as the magnet for the individuals who are nature lovers and thus serves as the most ideal retreat for spending quality time away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Take break from mundane city life by enjoying family picnic in Delhi NCR

Whenever you are searching for the family day outing near Delhi, the ethnic farm & resort is an awesome place to break yourself and your family members free from mundane routine and revitalize the spirit. It will surely be providing you the much needed of quality time that you would like to spend with your family. The day activity center comprises of the widest range of activities ranging from the camel ride, shooting, magic show, puppet show, games and so much more to choose from. The childhood memories and fascinating experiences come to live at the ethnic village farm which will be offering guests live entertainment and sumptuous food within the backdrop of the lush green environment. This is what makes this destination a must to visit spot for a family day outing near Delhi.

The entertainment options offered are simply beyond your imagination

The entertainment options offered are simply beyond your imagination with live folk music, dance, traditional handicrafts, beauty care, games, sports, and even adventure activities so much to try out at just one place. The rural setting is being further enhanced through the building up of the thatched huts, cattle barns, poultry farms providing you a high-end chance to simply live the life of rural people. At the farm and resort, the setup is of the beautiful small village, with mud huts, ponds, and cattle barns along with rolling lush green fields. This is what makes this place a perfect place for a family day outing in Delhi NCR where you can enjoy day picnic and can get back to your home the next day with morning blues.

Enjoy day picnic and can get back to your home next day

With just a few hours' drive from the city, this is the ideal weekend gateway for enjoying a trip with your dear ones within your squad. Each and everything from the delicious food to the activities that are being organized within the farm draws its inspiration from rural life. Test your playing skills with Gilli danda or relive childhood by indulging in the game of pithoo! The place also imparts you a chance to hone your painting skills, pottery craft or can also learn the henna design craft. The kids and adults can explore plenty of options at the adventure area & even play the game of their own choice. The guests can also join for a crash course in either ploughing fields or milking cattle.

Just get ready to tuck up for mouthwatering feast at ethnic farm village

While having been worked up for your appetite, just get ready to tuck up for the mouthwatering feast with many popular delicacies. While fighting up against your desire to rest down for a quick nap, you can instead explore the entire of farm on a tractor drive. As & when the dusk will start falling, and your time to end the day comes closer, we guarantee that you will surely be finding yourself making your plan for another family picnic at the place. Thus, Pratapgarh farms is surely a charming little village with the quitter little hamlet that has been set up in the green environment. Being an eminent spot for family day outing in Delhi NCR, the venue imbibes the ethic mud huts, serene ponds, lively farm cattle, poultry, letting you dive deep into the village life.

The open farm house has been deliberately converted into fascinating tourist spot

This open farm house has been deliberately converted into the fascinating tourist spot and is a clear depiction of the rural heritage and culture of India. This place is also ideal for organizing corporate as well as social events. So you can visit this amazing picnic place to have the real fun of rural India and to gain an insight into the village life. The farm is built upon the well spread out property and the employees working here are extremely courteous and at the same time friendly. During every minute, visitors are going to experience something new and exciting that will take them into altogether a new world.

Gain truly unique experience by visiting best day outing spots in Delhi NCR

Once you visit this best day outing spots in Delhi NCR, you will be gaining a truly unique & at the same time rejuvenating experience. Nothing can beat the experience of visit the farm and enjoy in the rural setting as this awesome tourist destination. It is serving as an exciting opportunity to just surrender yourself completely to the serene beauty of nature & rediscovering the real heritage & culture of the country. The farm and reports definitely will be bringing a breeze of fresh air into the busy lives of city people. Visit for the family picnic in the lush green farmland, dance through the crops while encountering with the scarecrow, drench into the sprinklers and learn the way farm equipment functions. There is so much more to do and you will surely be amazed and enthralled by the array of choices being offered. Take a pick from the array of activities that you are interested in, have immense fun, and make every small moment ​ simply memorable. Once you visit here, you will simply be spoilt of the choices that are being offered. Each & every activity that you indulge in which make you feel extremely childish and as if you are living your childhood again. With in small huts you will be viewing women in ethnic wear preparing traditional dishes on earthen gas. Extremely yummy & sumptuous delicacies are being supplied entire day. The visitors can enter here in the morning, enjoy whole day and leave by evening.

Indulge yourself in more than 45 interesting games

The lush green farm is situated closer in the vicinity of the city with NCR and the place has simply retained the authentic flavor of rural India for many decades now. The cuisines that are being offered at the venue serve as the most appropriate combination of simple, yet nourishing delicacies that simply delight your taste buds. The best thing is that there are unlimited snacks that are offered to the guests all throughout the day. You can also indulge yourself in more than 45 interesting games and many other activities. Right from the architectural setting to the delicious cuisines served, everything imbibes the rustic touch and this is what makes this place so distinctive from the others. Thus, Pratapgarh farm imparts you a high end chance to break free from the monotonous city lifestyle and experience the taste of real India.