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Weekend getaways near Delhi Pratapgarhfarms

Weekend Holiday Destinations near Delhi

With the development and race of time, weekend destinations near Delhi are being commercialized on a major scale. Lands are sold and turned into building corporate MNC organizations and shopping arcades. The people are finding it extremely difficult to look out for holiday destinations near Delhi. Weekends are now spent watching movies, shopping for things which in real sense are not needed. Family members are left with no time to mingle with each other and friends. Everyone, most of the times, has their own plan on holidays and weekends. In these times, Pratapgarh Farms offer the perfect spot for weekend getaways near Delhi.

We, Pratapgarh Farms offer people a glimpse of the rural lifestyles while they are being able to enjoy themselves with their family members. As picnic spots and weekend getaways near Delhi, we offer elite landscaped gardens and lush green farmhouses. The farms also offer separate arrangements for school groups and corporate events. The idea behind setting up this farm was enabling people with choice of spending their weekends and holidays in a peaceful natural environment. The all inclusive package at Pratapgarh farms is inclusive of unlimited food, music, dance, fun, entertainment, games and recreational sports. The team at the farms tries its best to develop activities that are creative and make families and corporate teams learn the importance of individual as well as team performance.

Most of the holiday destinations near Delhi offer rides, water parks but only Pratapgarh farms offers people a chance to go near the mother nature while learning the importance of the rural life in India. We have activities inspired from the rural life that take them one step closer to the village life. Pratapgarh farms has been rated as the better weekend getaways near Delhi only because we believe that people enjoy the best when close to nature and away from technology.

One weekend spent here at one of the most famous weekend destinations near Delhi has the power to transform the way you look towards life. Come, enjoy food that has ethnic taste, indulge in activities that are inspired from the rural and traditional values of India, live a day with animals like sheep, cows, buffaloes, camels and many more. We, Pratapgarh Farms love to see people happy and hence, do not leave any stone unturned for the same.