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Pratapgarhfarms invites - you to have real feel of rural India, insight into its culture and closely interact with simple and hardworking Village folk.  A unique holiday experience unfolds and comes alive at this charming holiday village – a quite little hamlet set in the backdrop of lush green fields and whispering winds. Its ethnic mud huts, serene pond, jumping sprinklers, lively cattle barns - full of goats, sheep, cows, buffaloes, camels horses, poultry farms full of ducks, fowls, chickens haughty roosters and soaring pigeons. The tinkling bells in the necklace worn by the cows, breaths of fresh air and weaver bird watching you out of its magnificent nest - provide a real rural ambience and backdrop to your outing – like you have never experienced before

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Pratapgarhfarms is a veritable Botanical garden with various gardens laid out in fascinating formats – Panchvati with its five trees representing the Panchboots, fertility and life, triveni a wonder where huge Banyan, Bodhi and Neem trees grow together as one. Triphla kunj (three magic medicinal trees – Awala Harad and Baheda), 27 trees in  Nakshatra corresponding to each Nakshatra (Band in the skies), Rashi vatika with 12 trees corresponding to the Zodiac Signs and Navgrah Vatika with 9 plants corresponding to the heavenly bodies influencing humans in Indian astrology. Meet the medicinal plants – Aloe vera, Ashavagandha (Indian ginseng), Giloy (Amritvalli) and 7 varieties of Tulsi (basil) and many more in our Aushadh Vatika. Sensitize yourself to the magic and magnanimity of nature.

Pratapgarhfarms is mirror of local Village life with Village features, culture and social life built into its features and activities.

Join us and be a farmer – participate in agricultural, gardening and dairy activities of the amiable Pratapgarh farm workers drawn from local populace. Plough a field with camels, bulls or tractors – sow the seeds, reap and winnow (depending on season). Visit our vegetable garden. Get a whiff of various crops growing in the farm. Watch how we can prevent poisoning of our surroundings with pesticides and insecticides and degrading our environment with biogas plant, farm yard manuring and vermi-composting.

Creativity is in the air – sit with our village potter to make beautiful terracotta bowls, and lamps. Weave a thread on the Charkha with local womenfolk, paint matka (earthen pots) or paint frescoes on mud lep (mud plastered walls).  You have a choice of rural activities to make it a memorable experience. from- cooking, pounding grain, grinding atta (flour), making ghee and buttermilk or simply balancing water pail on your head like true haryanvi womenfolk.

Fond memories come back to you from your childhood and you do it all. Indulge yourself in Ethnic games – Gulee danda, Pethoo, Lattoo, Kanche goli, Gulel (sling) shooting, Dart shooting, Archery, Tug of war, Hop skotch or Kabbadi and Kushti (wrestling bout local style) with your friends in the soft soil arena. Pick up a colorful kite and let it talk to the blue skies – give wings to your imagination.

Challenge yourself – with Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, croquet, Cricket, Trampolines, or box and kick on the boxing kits or simply lounge with a game carom, chess, simple saamp seedhi and Ludo. You could lounge around play cards in your group but betting is not permitted.

When you are tired, get a head massage from the Village masseur and take a true mud bath and when the mud has dried on you, bathe your self under the gushing waters of tube well and discover the glow on your body. Ladies have a special arrangement for Mehndi, Buttna ( special scrub prepared with chick pea flour and Chandan+Multani Mitti pace packs.

Bond in groups - If you are in groups we organize group games like Tambola (equipment is made available for you to play with in your group), Musical Chairs, lemon, spoon and three legged and sack races.

Build teams – we would facilitate corporate team building games – spiders’s web, building paper bridges, towers, minefields and trust games. Some team building games will be available in the farm activities format.

Our camels Sahiba and Saheli, Bipasa, Desert fox and
Flying fox, Big B, horses Pacific Rim and Chandermala, Bullocks Heera, Moti in their beautiful royal rajasthani attires and last but not the least our Tractor – Dara take you out for royal rides in our sprawling fields.

Throughout the day, we serve you delightful vegetarian and non-vegetarian cusine from Haryana Rajasthan and Punjab incnluding breakfast and Lunch. Chakki Fresh Atta (freshly ground flour from the best local grain, farm fresh vegetables, poultry, meat; combined with local favourietes – Makhan (white butter), Chacch (butter milk), Desi Ghee (clarified butter) and selected Masalas (spices) produce a treat of fresh flavour and uniquely different taste – a culinary experience you would like to savor for a long time.

Pratapgarhfarms is located close proximity to Delhi with in the National Capital Region only 45 Kms from the New Delhi’s International Airport (via Nazafgarh), 50 kms from Peeragarhi chowk (via Bahdurgarh) in North Delhi and 50 kms from Rajiv chowk in Gurgaon(via sultanpur lake & Farukhnagar) and yet in the quite interiors of rural India. We are located with in 4 kms from the district headquarter town of Jhajjar which is the immediate nieghbouring district of Delhi in North West of Delhi and immediate niegbouring  district of Gurgaon towards the North. Famous Bhindawas bird sanctuary is situation within 15 kms of Pratapgarhfarms. Area around Pratapgarhfarms is home to many local and migratory birds. It is close to 1.5 hours drive from Delhi / NCR depending on from which area of Delhi you are driving from

The entrepreneur farmer is native of the place and has spent 2O years as management professional out of which 12 years have been as CEO of a development organization which gave me an opportunity to travel widely around the world. He has established this farm tourism destination on his ancestral farm.

Pratapgarhfarms has been duly approved and registered by the Ministry of tourism Government of Haryana (provincial government). You are personally ensured of a very comfortable stay in secure, safe and most hygienic surroundings.